Virtual Day 2018!

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 El Virtual Day es una estrategia que consiste en desarrollar en casa actividades didácticas mediadas por recursos virtuales con el fin de fortalecer o profundizar competencias o contenidos.

A continuación detallamos las actividades de cada grado:

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Nations' Show 2017

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We just held our second Nations' show. The kids of all levels, 1, 2, 3 and 4 enjoyed travelling around the world and getting to know the amazing cultures, interesting facts, palces and people in Japan, India, Scotland and Mexico. It was such a great and remarkable journey that touched our hearts and made us more sensible and aware of the issues and problems that scourge these countries.
We traveled, we got to know people, places and food and we also pray that God may bless and heald those wonderful and incredible lands.
Hooray, Nations show 2017!
Way to go Kids!